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Using the SOAP Template [TIPS]

November 2, 2010

Writing your program’s SOAP can be made much easier if you use the online SOAP template provided by IRAP. Though all the thought and collaboration that goes into writing an effective SOAP is still required, this template can do all the formatting you need, and will also help you ensure you’ve included all the required components of the SOAP.

To get started with the SOAP, find it at this link on the IRAP website. (To see any of the below graphics enlarged, just click on them.)

You can click on one of two links in the first paragraph to download the template, depending on your preferred web browser as explained by the site.

Once you’ve downloaded the Word document, open it using Microsoft Word. You’ll see that the document looks like this:

Each of these sections allows you to type or paste in text that you have created. A brief explanation of what each section should include is provided in italics.

For each section, the template also provides you with a link to a document on the IRAP website that explains the item you’re intended to add in that section. If you hold down the control key and click on the white link at the top left, you’ll be sent to that document on the Internet. The link for these explanatory documents looks like this:

When you have completed filling in all the necessary fields, you can print the finished SOAP just like any other document from Word. You can also use Save As… to save the file with a new filename.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your SOAP, and it looks great.

Questions or comments about the SOAP template? Leave them here in the Comments.

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