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Helping Students with Library Research and Evaluating Information

September 12, 2011

A study of a group of Illinois universities undermined the assumption that because natives of the Digital Age are tech savvy, they are facile in finding and using electronic sources and evaluating information. They aren’t.  Nor do these students see librarians as professionals who can help. Professors too under-utilize librarians for the help they can offer students.

Here is the link to Inside Higher Ed’s article, What Students Don’t Know.

For research and information literacy assistance for your students on our campus, contact Monica Fusich, Head of Information and Outreach Services & TILT Fellow at or phone 559-278-7673, and Vang Vang, Information & Outreach Services Librarian & TILT Fellow at or phone 559-278-3037.  For a complete list of library liaisons by college/school, go to

An assessment of students’ skill in using library tutorials on our campus can be found at this url.

An anthropological study of our Henry Madden Library conducted by our Department of Anthropology is at

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