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WASC Commission Accreditation Approval

November 13, 2011

Following a public hearing and extensive discussion at the Commission meeting, the Commission has approved the first stage of the accreditation redesign process. Click here to read the full text of the resolution (4 pages).

Highlights that are Most Relevant to Learning Outcomes Assessment at Fresno State:

3. Graduation Proficiencies for Undergraduate Degrees: Consistent with Criteria for Review 2.2 and 2.6, all institutions offering undergraduate degrees will be expected to demonstrate that their graduates have achieved the institution’s stated level of proficiency at least in the following five areas: written and oral communication, quantitative skills, critical thinking and information literacy. The institution has the responsibility to determine how each of the proficiencies is defined, the level of proficiency expected of students upon graduation, how the proficiency is to be assessed and to demonstrate that graduates consistently achieve or surpass the stated level of proficiency. Institutions are also expected to determine similar outcomes and levels of proficiency in the major or disciplinary field and in other areas determined by the institution to be important to fulfill its mission.

4. Focusing on the Meaning, Quality and Rigor of the Degrees: Building on the first paragraph of CFR 2.2 and CFR 1.2, which requires that institutions define the outcomes of degrees beyond the accumulation of courses and credits, the Commission expects that all institutions will articulate, as part of the institutional review process, the learning outcomes of the degree as a whole and demonstrate that there are processes in place to assure the meaning, quality and rigor of the degrees offered. The institution is responsible for defining how it will address these issues.

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